Those participants in this Churchslistens Survey who carry out the plan and provide guaranteed feedback will have the possibility to save some money.

When you have finished the survey, you will be given a promo code to use at Church’s Chicken. You’ll need to bring that validation code with you on your next trip to Church’s Chicken in order to have it redeemed.

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What Rewards Churchschicken Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Offer

If you take part in the Church’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, provide feedback on the quality of the meal, and are selected to get a redemption code, you will be eligible for a discount the next time you eat at a Church Chicken restaurant.

When the time comes to fill out the survey, you will need to have a receipt from a past food purchase made via any church chicken. Do not miss out on the opportunity to win a free meal voucher if you still have your receipt from the transaction you made accessible.

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